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Basheerbhai now requires Advance payment for all Orders

Call For Inquiry  0318-2020224

Basheerbhai now requires Advance payment for all Orders

 Basheerbhai now require advance payment to process orders

Private Labelling

Private labelling is having the product manufactured by another producer, and sold under the retailer’s name, to compete with other branded products sold in the same store. This is why it’s also called “store-brand”. Most of the time, this brand is only manufactured and sold by the retailer and is not for sale in any other locations apart from the brand’s store.

Private labelling can be the best way to get your business on the road to success however the whole process might be a little tricky for many people who are starting luckily Basheerbhai offers assistance with private labelling to increase your profit margins

How We Help

  • Source the product you want to sell
  • Find you a trustable private label manufacturer
  • Manage your logo and brand name
  • Reduce the burden of negotiating with the supplier
  • Handle everything for your private label, including customized product specs, packaging, inserts, product logo


We provide safe storage in the regions of China. Our limited-access facilities are being monitored 24/7.


We check your goods for damages and defects. We ensure that master files are correct and all products are stored accurately.


We support your inventory management to achieve low stockholding and high performance. You will have a personalized dashboard in which you have insight into your stock and goods flows.

We Work With 4 Main Areas

  1. The product’s quality must be in accordance with the branded product. We work with a few suppliers and build long-term cooperation, where we can develop new products for an existing category together.
  2. We look for the best price for the consumer – given that retailers also have to make a profit on products. We want to make sure that good quality products reach the consumer at less expensive costs.

  3. We will ensure that guidance to the consumer must be conforming to the latest new legal requirements on the market.
  4. We use skilled designers to make the products more appealing to your audience. We want to create something that attracts a large number of potential buyers. 
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