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IDskin Mobile Screen Cutter

  • IDskin Cut Software 2019 Version(Bluetooth Version) Software Account Videos of training 3900+ Mobile Cutting Templates Update new templates FREE
  • IDskin Cut Plotter*1
  • Blade of cutter *3 piece
  • Cutter holder*1piece
  • Subplate for cutter*1piece
  • Push plate – black*white*1piece
  Raw Material (Transparent Hydrogel Films ) (For making Screen protector+ Back protector) 200 pcs DQ Anti-explosion protection Flim (12*18CM) 200 pcs DQ Clear Anti-explosion Film (12*18CM) 50 pcs Anti-shock hydrogel shield film (12*18CM) 50 pcs DQ Anti-blue light explosion-proof Film (12*18CM) 50 pcs DQ Matte explosion-proof Film (12*18CM) 50 pcs Colorful Aurora Film (12*18CM) 50 pcs Anti-Bacterial Fim (12*18CM)


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