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Quality control is a very crucial step in the production of any product it is also necessary for the prosperity of your business. Unfortunately finding the right place that offers this service is a task in itself. We here at Basheerbhai offer a wide range of quality control services and tests and are one of the best quality control solutions in Pakistan.

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We are willing to go the extra mile to cover all quality aspects, our inspectors have been trained in such a way that they pay great attention to details and remain alert throughout the inspection.

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Our pricing includes all services, and there are absolutely no hidden or additional costs We also offer complete transparency with our billing system


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Clients are allowed to cancel or make changes to their booking till the day before the inspection the pricing is also fully flexible


We have a team of professionals specialized in some specific product category, they are well trained and highly efficient to ensure you get the best quality product

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Our aim is to keep the industry established while making sure that we aren’t compromising on the quality and get our customers complete satisfaction by giving them the best quality equipment, quick services, and technical support. 

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What is quality control?

The process of testing and measuring goods and services to make sure they fit some specific guidelines and are of a certain standard is known as quality control. A company can assess, maintain, and enhance product quality through this method.

Quality control is a highly useful tool as it assists to minimize
errors and make sure that the production is consistent and similar while maintaining a standard.

Why quality control?

Now a common question that would come across anyone’s mind would be why use quality control? The answer to this question is that quality control is an essential tool to be able to ensure the complete satisfaction of your results and prevent you from any loss. For every consumer it is essential that the product they purchase is in the perfect condition and is functional in case the quality is not maintained the customer who gets it will be upset and would probably always be skeptical about all your products. This can greatly harm your business and lead to a big loss thus making quality control a smart long-term investment

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Although the phrases quality control and quality assurance are frequently used to refer to the same thing, they differ significantly. The main objective of quality control is verifying that a product complies with regulations. The total of all procedures and actions required to prove that the standards for quality are met is referred to as quality assurance.

Because of this difference, quality experts may eventually switch from quality assurance to quality control as they advance in their careers. Quality assurance programs and departments ensure that products fulfil all quality criteria and safety standards for higher management, customers, and government inspectors. Quality control is pretty much a component of quality assurance.

The Three Types of Quality Inspections

Pre-production, in-line, and final quality inspections are the three main categories. To identify and address quality issues, a number of details must be examined and approved during each phase.

Pre-production Inspection

Prior to starting production, raw materials should be evaluated during the preproduction stage. Various tests to check the material’s weight, dimensional stability, pilling resistance, pile retention, stretch recovery, and other properties may be used in this. Testing for regulatory requirements is also done on parts like zippers, elastics, and embellishments like beads, rhinestones, sequins, and rivets. Inspections during the pre-production stage enable auditors to rectify any issues prior to production because quality problems are frequently the consequence of material faults. In the end, companies and retailers can prevent unexpected expenditures and delays by evaluating the materials up front.

In-line Inspection

Additional checks should be made at various production phases. Inspections should take place during each crucial stage of the manufacturing process for clothing, from cutting to assembly to pressing or other finishing operations. For instance, each cutting ticket should be randomly examined during the cutting phase to make sure that each section is precisely notched and that the shades are separated. Fabric cannot be properly constructed if it has been cut improperly. In-line inspections are crucial because quality problems can frequently be rectified while the product is still being produced, before it is finished. Minor problems in the beginning of production can cause bigger problems in the later stages if quality problems are not fixed during the production process.

Final Inspection

The final inspection is the auditors’ last chance to identify and correct quality flaws before the buyer, gets the product. Products are checked for particular performance standards, general appearance, size, and fit during the final audit. While the items are still at the manufacturer, brands and retailers sometimes forego inspections and only conduct random, final checks once the order is delivered to the final location.


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